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Oct 28, 2018

Web Hosting - Shared vs. Dedicated vs. VPS

These days hosting solutions are typically classified as being dedicated, shared, or a virtual private server:

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting solution grants all of a server's resources to a single client. The client is often granted complete control over this server's operation, including installing and upgrading software and even rebooting it as necessary. As you might imagine, dedicated hosting solutions are typically the most expensive.

Oct 24, 2018

Android SDK Installation and Configuration

What is Android SDK

The main tools is Android SDK (software development kit). It contains libraries, debugger, documentation and tutorials, Android emulator and you can get it on

How to install Android SDK tools

After downloading the Android SDK from, unzip the content into desired folder (e.g. /opt/android-sdk on Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux distribution).

Oct 17, 2018

Android Development Tools (ADT) Installation

What is ADT (Android Development Tools)

The ADT (or Android Development Tools) is an extension to the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

The ADT plugin has support for the creation and debugging of Android applications. 

Here are some of the features you could use in Eclipse after installing the ADT:

Oct 10, 2018

Android Virtual Devices (AVD) Configuration

What is AVD (Android Virtual Device)

An AVD is an emulator instance that enables you to model an actual device and it is used for running and testing your Android applications.

Each AVD consists of a hardware profile; a mapping to a system image; as well as emulated storage, such as a secure digital (SD) card. You can create as many AVDs as you want in order to test your applications with several different configurations. This testing is important to confirm the behavior of your application when it is run on different devices with varying capabilities.

Oct 04, 2018

Ubuntu 12.04 - Update Could Not Get Lock Error

I experienced the problem with my Ubuntu 12.04 installation a couple of days ago related to the updating process. The error message was:

Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)

If you have the same problem here are the steps that could solve the issue

Method 1

Restart the system and try again

Method 2

If restarting doesn't help, try refreshing package source list

Method 3