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Inforbiro is an Information Technology and Marketing Agency with its own Internet marketing network BlicKlik. We have a lot of experience in software development as well as in Internet marketing and advertising. We constantly try not only to develop great web sites, mobile, desktop or facebook applications but also to share our knowledge.

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Therefore, below is a collection of OpenX Ad Server Tips and Tricks articles written on our company blog that could be useful to all of you.

OpenX - Re-enable User Interface


OpenX - How to Disable Maintenance


OpenX Z_* tables


OpenX "n" Variable in Invocation Tag


OpenX and Different Domain Names


OpenX and PHP safe_mode


OpenX Statistics Graphs


OpenX - How to Move Banners From SQL Storage to Webserver


OpenX - Local SQL and Webserver banners differences


OpenX - Prevent Banner From Displaying on the same Page


OpenX Server Load


OpenX - Stop Upgrade Wizard From Creating Backups


How to Upgrade OpenX Ad Server


OpenX Large Tables

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