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Internet Marketing

Why have an Internet Marketing Strategy?

The development of an Internet marketing strategy should mirror your business objectives, both online and off, expand your company presence online, and maintain a clear and consistent brand message across all marketing platforms.


BlicKlik Marketing is Internet advertising platform operates as part of Inforbiro services and provides cutting edge technology which is used by our clients to generate consumer leads for their businesses. We provide our clients with products and services to reach out to consumers online in a highly focused manner.

BlicKlik Marketing delivers banner ads on many popular websites in region and it is designed to provide broad consumer access, better response rates on advertisements, higher quality leads and the ability to measure the success of each campaign.

BlicKlik Marketing can help define your strategy by:

  • Establish clear and definable goals to achieve your business objectives.
  • Audit current marketing initiatives and define areas of improvement.
  • Recommend appropriate marketing mediums for your specific company needs.
  • Help you define a content strategy for consistent content distribution.

Why BlicKlik Marketing?

BlicKlik Marketing has provided innovative Internet marketing strategies to hundreds of clients. We understand what it takes to market your company online and will never recommend a service to our clients we don’t already use ourselves. A strategy is an important piece of any Internet marketing initiatives. Contact us for a free quote.

Pay Per Click marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising is an effective way to quickly generate qualified traffic for an online product or a service based business. PPC marketing is a highly effective and accountable method of advertisement and promotion followed by online businesses.

There are many factors to consider when running an effective PPC marketing campaign It is important to develop a marketing plan to achieve high profits or return on investment from a PPC campaign. Choosing appropriate and specific keywords or phrases for your online business is vital to success.

The best Pay Per Click services manage the entire process for you, replacing guesswork with our proven methodology to enhance your website’s traffic, search engine rankings and quality of traffic.

Web Marketing

Our Internet Marketing Company works hand in hand with our clients on their websites. Our web marketing customers receive a great level of focus on what content they have on their sites, and how it relates to their target key words.

Our SEO Company provides the insight necessary to make sure your website gets to page one of top search engines. Whether that may be creating more compelling content, having a social media presence or just optimizing header and title tags, it is extremely important to focus on on-page factors to obtain top placement in the search engines.

By offering our expert SEO advice to site changes in the beginning, our Online Marketing Company guarantees a faster, more effective campaign that delivers ROI in a more immediate manner.

Expert Link Building

Link building is a critical component to achieving top rankings in the search engines. The challenge is finding quality, relevant links and good websites to get these links from in order to make sure that you are ranking and getting traffic.

Our Internet Marketing Company focuses on white hat link building techniques designed to provide you relevant links and improve your search engine rankings. Our link building staff members focus on contextual link building from blogging, article marketing, press releases, videos, as well as directory submissions and social bookmarking to increase your link popularity.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networks and Social Bookmarking sites are great tools to use to spread a message and bring targeted traffic to your site. Our Internet Marketing Services staff writes high-quality content to spread your message on popular social sites such as Facebook, Stumble Upon, and Digg. Our web marketing company will also effectively manage your Twitter account to bring targeted traffic to your web site. Our Internet marketing company will develop and execute on a strategy to produce high-quality, entertaining content that social media users value and come back to again and again.

By effectively using social media, we are able to drive quality targeted traffic to your site, position your site to obtain followers and “likes”, by becoming an authority in your niche.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Get your website optimized and see it rank in top search engine result pages. This is most important to achieve online success. Only experts with experience can optimize your website the way it should be to get results.

At Inforbiro, we consistently improve positive ranking factors such as high quality content, web history, and strong links to help your business generate qualified leads through the organic search results. Factors like older websites, high content quality, and a good domain name can help us generate organic results for you quicker than a website with minimal Google history.

Unlike Pay Per Click, SEO takes time and ongoing strategy to achieve success. The process begins with setting the foundation for success in the major search engines. The set-up involves improving the front page content and the structure of the back-end coding of a website in order to be properly indexed. Once indexed, advanced SEO will help a website climb to the top of the results pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Are you ready to take a look at building your SEO strategy and promote your product or brand? If your answer is yes, please contact us for a free consultation. Inforbiro’s SEO experts will be happy to work with your team to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to discuss your SEO Strategy? Contact us today and see how easy it is to get started!

Get Started With The Right Internet Marketing Company

We know how difficult it is to sort through all the Internet Marketing Services out there. Because of that, we make choosing ours as easy as possible. Contact Us. We are completely transparent, and will gladly help you assess your website and come up with the best web marketing program for your business needs and budget.


Inforbiro provides you with creative and unique Facebook Marketing Solutions to give boost to your traffic by promoting your brand online among the target group. The social media platforms like Facebook help you to grow leads and sales with maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.

Our Facebook Marketing Experts have designed social media services to identify the keys areas and tactics which can best serve the purpose of increasing your brand awareness among users. Facebook marketing experts will benefit your business in the following ways:

Our Facebook Marketing Strategies, Your Benefits!

  • Creating awareness about your products/services.
  • Identifying the specific needs of the target group.
  • Special emphasis on specific target groups.
  • Higher lead generation for your business.
  • Higher popularity of the brand and business.

Facebook marketing experts will use the following tactics to increase interaction and user participation for your website:.

Our Initiatives:

  • Linking Facebook fan page with other social networking sites like Twitter, Orkut, hi5 etc.
  • Recent updates about business activities on Facebook.
  • Promoting your upcoming business events.
  • Regular blog postings on your personalized communities.
  • Uploading relevant videos on YouTube and the links are posted on FB, Twitter etc.
  • Encouraging fans to comment and share their wall postings to make it more popular

What We Create?

  • Create a Facebook fan page.
  • Create a Facebook application.
  • Create a vanity URL (by specifying company’s name).
  • Create a customized landing page for FB.
  • Create online communities, forums, groups etc.

We understand that every business has its own set of requirements and therefore, we provide customized Facebook Marketing Services so that the business can choose the services as per the requirements of the business and budget.

In case your business demands fewer or more activities which may not have been mentioned here, it is most likely we have done it!

Please feel free to contact us to know how our Facebook Marketing Experts can make best use of Facebook as a marketing tool to disseminate important information among new and existing visitors. More about facebook applications and fan pages please read here.

Your fans and customers interactions with your Facebook presence, such as Facebook Business Pages, are distributed virally throughout their social connections that become amplified as they connect with you through referrals, adoption and recommendations.

Turn your consumers into brand advocates and build referral business.