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jQuery Show/Hide Toggle for Web Designers

We'll going to share a very commonly used jquery snippet, but one that newcomers to web design often feel is more difficult than it actually is!

All we’re going to do is set up a simple show/hide toggle effect.

How to migrate Thunderbird profile

We at INFORBIRO - information technology agency as Free Software advocates use Thunderbird as our mail client. It is very robust, has great capabilities, supports many different email accounts and it's easy to migrate between different environments!

Our developers, designers and consultants often need to use more than one computer (desktops, laptops, netbooks...) and it is a priority for them to have mail access from all machines. So I am sure that the instructions will be very useful to you as well.

How to bookmark all opened tabs in Chrome

It is a very common situation that I have many opened tabs in Google Chrome / Chromium browser and need to close it.

Manual bookmarking is a time consuming and boring process and I wanted to save all opened tabs at once (just as in Firefox).

CPanel "IP address has changed" error

cPanel will sometimes throw out the error "IP address has changed!" while you trying to connect.

Some ISPs are have very short DHCP life times. This can cause the behavior described and these types of connections could not work with cPanel. You can try several things to try to fix the issue:

1) Going to as sometimes that will fix things.

2) cPanel and WHM version 11.28 have a new option to the Cookie IP validation setting:

SEO Explained / What is SEO

When talking to clients about marketing their business online I am asked "How do you get to Number One on Google?". While this article is not specially about how to become Number One - I will explain what the process is and what's involved.