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Trademark is registered mark that describes your service or a product.

Here are some examples of domain names that are also trademarks:

- (online store)

- (Information Technology and Marketing Agency)

- (Internet Marketing Network)

- (Female Internet Portal)

A domain name isn't always a trademark. If someone use a doman name for personal site without offering any products or services but only to share his/her thoughts the domain name will not be considered as a trademark. The second example, if a domain name is consider as a generic term it cannot be a trademark, e.g. is a generic term for a place where you can buy products. However, this or simillar name can become very famous but it is likely that it will not be protected as a trademark.

A trademark is any entity that distinguishes your service or product from others in the marketplace, or designates their origin. So, if you are have a e-commerce website or use the site to promote services or products the domain name is also a trademark.

For example, let's assume that someone, who already has a real shoes selling store, wants to start online shoes e-commerce website. The real store's name and the website's name do not have to be the same but they both could be considered as trademarks.

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