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Inforbiro is an Information Technology and Marketing Agency with its own Internet marketing network BlicKlik. We have a lot of experience in software development as well as in Internet marketing and advertising. We constantly try not only to develop great web sites, mobile, desktop or facebook applications but also to share our knowledge.

Therefore, below is a collection of Ubuntu Tips and Tricks articles written on our company blog that could be useful to all of you.

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How to Enable Unity Launcher Auto Hide in Ubuntu 12.04


Ubuntu Netbook Restart Problem


Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Launcher Problem


How to Migrate Thunderbird Profile From Windows to Ubuntu


How to Disable the Error-Reporting System in Ubuntu


How to Show Desktop in Ubuntu 12.04


Problem With Unity Launcher Moving Behind Other Windows and Dash


How to Change Default Font Size in Ubuntu 12.04


How to Remember Wireless Password And Connect Automatically


Enabling Hibernation in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

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Speed up GEdit in Ubuntu 12.04


Speed up Ubuntu with low RAM memory


How to fix "Hot Corner" show desktop problem


Change Unity launcher icon size in Ubuntu


How to Enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace


Ubuntu Startup Applications


Clear Apt Cache


How to fix frozen touchpad in Ubuntu


Kill application in terminal


How to change mouse cursor size

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