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Canonical released Ubuntu 12.10 on October 18th. Quantal Quetzal is the 17th release of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution that will be supported until April 2014 (two years)

Canonical claims that new release brings overall improvements, updated applications and many new features.

Here are major changes.

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What's new in Ubuntu 12.10

- Ubuntu 12.10 New Name

"Quantal Quetzal" is the name of Ubuntu 12.10.

The Quetzal is a family of birds found in western Mexico with mostly iridescent green plumage.

- Linux kernel 3.5

Ubuntu 12.10 features Linux Kernel 3.5

- X.Org 7.7

- New Xorg Server

Xorg Server comes with version 1.13

- Unity 3D interface 6.6

Canonical decided to abandon the Unity 2D so it's remomved from Ubuntu 12.10, leavning only the 3D one. The reason behind this decision is probably the too much work involved in the main Unity version, and maintaining a "clone" requires even more man power.

- Ubuntu 12.10 has GNOME 3.6

GNOME 3.6 is included in the final version of Ubuntu 12.10, with Unity on top of it, of course (without Gnome Shell).

- GRUB 2 updated

- Mesa 9.0

- GCC 4.7 toolchain

- Python 2.7 and 3.2

Python version 2 is still supported for now; version 3 is updated to v3.2

- Compiz Fusion is v0.9.8.4.

- A Single 800MB Image

Ubuntu Desktop image comes only on DVD; disk image is now 800MB, so install requires a USB memory or a DVD

However, the Ubuntu Server remains on CD.

- Enhanced desktop experience powered by Unity

Now with Previews, Amazon search, new Lens and Scopes, suggestions, Web Apps integration, cleaner panel, as well as numerous fixes and refinements.

- Software Updater simplified

- New Share Links tab in Ubuntu One Control Panel

- New centralised management for online accounts

- LVM and full disk encryption support are implemented right in the installer

- Web Apps - this is also the first release of Ubuntu to integrate native support for web applications;

- LibreOffice updated to version 3.6.1

- Up-to-date Firefox and Thunderbird v16.0.1

- New wallpapers

- Remote logins are supported on login screen

- Nautilus file manager at version 3.4

and many more other small features for you to discover!


If you want to check it out, it's available for download on the Ubuntu site

In other Ubuntu news, Marh Shuttlework has announced that the next Ubuntu will be named Raring Ringtail.

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