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If you are running your site on SilverStripe CMS and need to migrate it to another machine but don't know how, you are at the right place.

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In the following steps we're going to describe how to migrate SilverStripe to new server:

1) Backup the database

2) Restore the database to another server

3) Copy all files to new server

4) Set permissions for folders assets and silverstripe-cache:

chmod 777 assets
chmod 777 silverstripe-cache

5) Open and edit _config.php file; set new database, username and password

6) Run dev/build?flush=all to make sure everything works and is up to date

That should be all!

In case you experience any error or get blank page, turn on display errors option in the php.ini file

display_errors = On

If this is set to Off, then you'll mostly only get blank pages when fatal errors occur.

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