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Our readers reported a problem they experienced during SilverStripe CMS installation related to SilverStripe cache.

They had problems trying to install SilverStripe on a shared host servrer where it was complaining that it did not have permission to write to the temporary folder "/tmp/silverstripe-cache" as part of the "Is the temporary directory writeable?" test.

Full error message is:

No write access to /tmp/silverstripe-cache

Basically, for a shared-host situation, simply create a folder called 'silverstripe-cache' in your www or root directory and the installer will use that instead.

SilverStripe always uses the local folder silverstripe-cache if present, so if permissions are not detected properly you can just create the silverstripe-cache folder.

This is the solution for both SilverStripe v2.4.x and v3.0.x

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