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Apr 17, 2012

In 2.4 and higher versions, OpenX can manage different domains using separated configuration files.
The main "" configuration file will be located in openx/var folder.

For versions higher than 2.4.2 there is also default.conf.php file with line: This ensures using config file as default one for any domain loading OpenX files other then

In order a domain to use a different config file, a file "" or "" could be created. This allows you to create different configuration for the domain. You have two options here:

1) To copy the main config file content, change the configuration at your will and save the content in file

2) To let it know to use a default config file except for several settings. In order to perform this, use default.conf.php's sample:

All values from the defined "realConfig" will be used except for values defined by you. Plesae consider the following:

- realConfig uses only the domain name so do not put "conf.php" after the domain name.

- [heading] section has to be used in order configuration to take affect. Configuration without a heading or using non valid heading will be omited. Pay attenntion to [database] and [webpath].