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What is Apport

Ubuntu 12.04 contains error reporting system named Apport that can send error information to Ubuntu center in case that something goes wrong on your system.

Apport is a system which:

  • intercepts crashes right when they happen the first time,
  • gathers potentially useful information about the crash and the OS environment,
  • can be automatically invoked for unhandled exceptions in other programming languages (e. g. in Ubuntu this is done for Python),
  • can be automatically invoked for other problems that can be automatically detected (e. g. Ubuntu automatically detects and reports package installation/upgrade failures from update-manager),
  • presents a UI that informs the user about the crash and instructs them on how to proceed,
  • and is able to file non-crash bug reports about software, so that developers still get information about package versions, OS version etc.

How to disable Apport

However, you can disable the error-reporting system following the steps:

1) Run the command

sudo gedit /etc/default/apport

2) Change the value of the "enabled" parameter from "1" to "0"

3) Save changes

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