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ocPortal CMS has several features that other CMS systems could only dream about.

One of them is ability to create a brand new theme in a minute based on the default theme, with completely different colors. A ocPortal theme has something that is called "Seed colour" and it represents the colour around which all other colours in the theme will be built.

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For this tutorial we are going to create new theme, e.g. Ping we use in portal for ladies Our seed colour will be B45C70.

1) Navigate to Admin Zone > Style > Themes

2) Under New section click on Theme Wizard

3) Enter name of new theme, e.g. Pink

4) Enter Seed colour in HEX format, e.g B45C70

5) Leave other parameters default or change them if you wish

6) Click Proceed

7) You can preview and accept new theme for the site

8) If you want later to change some part of your theme you can do that easily at:

Admin Zone > Style > Themes

and selecting one of options:

Edit theme, Edit CSS (styles), Edit templates or Manage theme images

I can guarantee that there is not easier way to create new theme. You can even associate different themes to different zones if you want.

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