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VideoLAN VLC multimedia player is capable to play almost any movie formats and also to display subtitles in any language.

However, you need to manually configure character set encoding of subtitles.

It is not dificult at all if you know what encoding should be use for particular language. So here are some notes you should be aware of during setup VLC player to proper display subtitles for some languages.

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How to load subtitle

1) Videos > Subtitles track >  Select desired subtitle from file system

2) Choose subtitle file

How to select proper encoding

1) Go to Tools > Properties > Subtitles & OSD

2) Under section "Subtitles language" choose Default encoding for the language file

3) Click "Save"

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Remember that next time when you want to watch a movie with some other encoding you'll need to repeat the steps from above.

It is expected that UTF-8 works for the most of languages but it is not the case everytime in video players. So you have to know what are proper character encodings for desired languages.

List with recommended encodings for some languages

  • Eastern European, e.g. Serbian latin... - Eastern European (Windows-1250)
  • Cyrllic, e.g. Serbian cyrllic, Russian... - Cyrllic (Windows-1251)
  • Western European, e.g. English, Spanish, German... - Default Western European (Windows-1252)
  • Greek... - Greek (Windows-1253)

Note that for Russian subtitles you can sometimes also use - Russian (KOI8-R)

The changes will not take affect until you reload a subtitle again.

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