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Microsoft Bing search engine configures crawl reates and frequency determined by your server's load.

In some cases the website could be overhelmed by too many requests in short period of time and you need to reduce the crawl rate. Great number of requests too quickly could make your site slow.

If you do not have issues with server load or your site's bandwidth we recommend that Bing choose the optimal crawl rate.

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How to tell Bing how often to crawl website

You are allowed not even to configure the crawl rate but to set it by hour of the day (it is called a crawl pattern). So you can configure Bing crawl to perform the process when there are not many visitors online. Before you setup a crawl pattern consult your website's statistics first.

In order to change Bing's crawl rate follow the steps:

1) Login to Bing Webmaster Tools

2) If you haven't added your site to Bing Webmaster Tools, add it

3) In the top navigation click on the Crawl tab

4) In the left navigation click on Crawl Settings

5) Select desired website from the drop down list

6) Select the radio button "Use the selected crawl rate below" to set a custom crawl rate and pattern

7) In order to specify the crawl rate and pattern use the graph by dragging the graph ares to the desired settings. To set the crawl rate individually by hour click on individual vertical columns

8) If you have a website that is created in Ajax you could select the checkbox "Configure Bing for Ajax site crawling" so Bing can handle the site properly

9) Click the Save button

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