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Oct 02, 2019

In one of our previous articles, we wrote how to create social media icon with GIMP image editor.

In this post, you'll learn how to create image reflection effect. For this tutorial, we're going to use logo of Femina Portal, very popular female Internet portal dedicated to our ladies.

1) Open or create the image you want to create reflection effect for.

Gimp reflection 01


2) Go to Image > Canvas Size... and resize canvas size (height) to be as twice heigh as the original layer.

Gimp reflection 02


Gimp reflection 03


3) Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer

4) Move new layer down to be just below the original layer

Gimp reflection 04


5) Flip the layer verticaly: Layer > Transform Layer > Flip vertically

Gimp reflection 05


6) Add layer mask: Layer > Mask > Add Layer Mask...

7) Add blend effect to the new layer in order to create illusion of glass or water reflection: Choose the Blend Tool, set white color as frontend and select "FG To Transparent" gradient


Gimp reflection 06


8) Applay blend effect from the bottom to the up of the image and as a result you'll get the image with the reflection effect.

Gimp reflection 07