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OK, you have an idea or even your own company and it is a time to create a website that will provide information about your product, services or blog to the whole world.

Maybe you are not a web designer or a developer, maybe you are not familiar with website concepts, hosting, servers and other technologies involved in the process. But what you completely aware of is a domain name. And, of course, you could think that it is easy to choose the domain name once you are sure that it's appropriate for you.

Think again!

You really have a great (really, really great) luck if desired domain name is not already picked by others. Or, in the worst case, your domain is a registered trademark.
We'll try in this article to point out some important notes for choosing domain name.

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Domain name should be unique

If you have a serious intention with your business, its name should be different from other simillar sites. This way, everyone will recognize you and your qualities among many others. Maybe the most important reason is that this will allow you to register your own trademark.

Domain name should be short enough

What do you think, can you remember a site name with more 20 characters? You can be sure that in this case your visitors can't remember your site neither. There are not rules how long a website name should be long but keep it enough short to be easily remembered.

Domain name should be recognizable

In addition to the previou paragraph, a website's name should be recognizable. As we mentioned above, this will help that your visitors and customer make a difference between you and other simillar sites or companies.

Domain name and business/product relation

Maybe you've heard the words of George Eastman, founder of Kodak company: "The strongest company name should mean nothing." You can agree or dissagree with this statement, but we are strong against it. Almost all of our trademarks have names related to services or products themselves, e.g. BlicKlik (in translation blitz click or quick click) is the name of our Internet marketing network, our company name Inforbiro (in translation inforbureau) is related to information technology bureau or agency. You are free to decide whether you'll create meaningless name or a name describing your services in any manner.

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Domain name shouldn't be a registered trademark

Any comment in this section would be superfluous.

Domain name extension (.com, .net, .org...)

In the beggining it was that suffics would make e.g. .com for commercial, .org for organizations etc. The fact is that .com domains are ?

Domain Name has to be free

Of course, above all a domain name has to be free for purchasing. Trading with domain names could be very profittabile business and that's the main reason why many names are already bought although they don't have running websites. Cybersquatting is a name for buying domain name of famouse products, companies, persons or services only for purpose to be sold.

What if a domain is not available

You can contact a domain owner and make an offer for purchasing. Consider that most zauzeti domain names are not operational but its purpose is to make a profit to a seller. There are companies and private persons that make a lot of money selling domain names.

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