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If you want to start your own online business or just a blog and want visitors easily recognize your valuable work and remember your website, you need to create a distinctive domain name.

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As we wrote in one of the previous articles related to domain names, the founder of Kodak, George Eastman, suggested that trademarks should:

- be short
- be vigorous
- be easily spelled
- mean nothing

Here are some other advices for a domain name:

- should be pronounceable
- should be memorable
- should be legally available

Using meaningless words for a domain name shouldn't be a priority for you. You can use existing terms and ordinary words in creative ways to create unique and distinctive websites' names.

It is the fact that the most good ordinary domains are already registered but you can use your brain and creativity to use some other words in an unusual context or in a combination with other terms or phrases.

Here are some other ideas for creating unique and distinctive domain names for your website:

- new combinations of existing words
- combinations of word roots
- distinctive foreign words
- abandoned names that are no longer in use, but that were once famous

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