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Success in a marketing relationship is just like success in a romantic one. Social media has distinct strategic online marketing power that allows companies to C.O.U.P.L.E.

- Commitment: You need to show that you’ll go the distance in this social media relationship. You need to invest your time-building social connections without demanding a payoff. Slow and steady wins this race.

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- Outreach: Social media is a partnership across a variety of social networks. Outreach also means looking for partners that you may collaborate with to amplify your message.

- Understanding: Try understanding the relationship from the customers’ (and potential customers’) points of view. What do they want? What problems can you help them solve? Often, they simply want to be heard.

- Understanding what they want and using social media to listen will lead to a symbiotic relationship.

- Passion: Believe in your organization and how it can help people. Get excited about the possibilities and use your authentic voice to share your value and values and help people. Passion is contagious and engaging.

- Love: Yes, love. Put some heart in the art and science of social media to make it work wonders. Online marketers are used to the old ways of pushing propaganda. Love your customers instead. If you care about the other person, it will show. If you don’t, this will also show.

- Effort: Social media needs management every day. Little things like making regular updates, responding to questions, and commenting on what is going on in your industry are little gestures that can pay off big-time.

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