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About ocPortal CMS

ocPortal is a Content Management System (CMS), a website engine to run sophisticated, dynamic Web sites. ocPortal attempts to include as much functionality as possible "out of the box", with options to disable unwanted modules after installation. An emphasis is placed on ease of use, with built-in GUIs for all common requirements, whilst reprogramming is supported through a system of file overrides.

ocPortal sites can host content of various types including news, member blogs, events, galleries (images, video, audio, Flash), file downloads and user-defined "catalogue" data. Many modules are included for dynamic features such as forums, chat rooms, Wikis, commenting, rating, awards, trackbacks, polls, quizzes, ecommerce (products sales and usergroup subscription) and a 'points' system for rewarding contributors. Content can be made available in multiple languages and will be automatically analysed for Search Engine Optimisation.

Powerful administration tools are available, including banner networks, a comprehensive admin zone with check lists and reminders, email newsletters (including automatic "What's new?" issues), site statistics, hacking detection and alerts, backups, theming tools and a powerful commandline environment.

ocPortal is written in PHP, XHTML and Javascript and conforms to Web and Accessibility standards.

Custom languages are included for theming/templating (Tempcode) and markup (Comcode), the latter being inspired by the "BBCode" language found on many forums. ocPortal includes its own forum, called OCF, but can also integrate or import many third-party forums and CMSs. There is currently at least some support for: AEF, Burning Board, IPB, Joomla, MKPortal, MyBB, phpBB, phpNuke, SMF, static HTML, vB, Wordpress and WowBB.

ocPortal requires PHP 4.2+ or HipHop, MySQL and a Web server such as Apache. ocPortal development is supported by ocProducts Ltd. (site, download)

It is one of the most complete open-source portal systems.

Here are some key features of "ocPortal":


· Quick installer
· Wizard-based installation
· Auto-scans for compatibility problems
· Get your site up and running in just a few minutes
· Keep your site closed to regular visitors until you're happy to open it
· Configures server
· Auto-detection of forum settings for easy integration


· Multiple campaigns
· Smart banners
· Wide support
· Determine which banners display most often
· Run a cross-site banner network
· Hit-balancing support
· Show different banners to different usergroups
· Track banner performance
· Use the banner system to display whole sets of sponsor logos

Search engine:

· Choose what is searchable
· Boolean and full-text modes
· Keyword highlighting in results
· Search boxes to integrate into your website
· Logging/stats
· OpenSearch support
· Results sorting, and filtering by author and date
· Search within downloadsIncluding support for looking inside archives.

Newsletters and mass-mailing:

· Automatically create newsletters showing off your latest content
· Double opt-in
· Users can set their own interest level
· Host multiple newsletters
· Flexible mailings

Featured content:

· Random quotes
· Image of the day
· Showcase popular content
· Recent content
· Show website statistics to your visitors
· Random content
· TagsSet tags for content and display tag clouds.

eCommerce and subscriptions:

· Paid membership
· Shopping cart for running an online store
· Multiple payment gateways
· Extendable framework
· Invoicing support
· Basic accounting support
· SSL/TLS/HTTPS certificate support
· Currency conversions

Support/user-to-staff messaging:

· Support ticket system
· Recommend-to-a-friend
· Staff can manage feedback
· Support ticket types
· Receive SMS alerts for important tickets
· Anonymous feedback
· Users may review your content (optional)
· Unlimited data control
· Different display modes
· Powerful structure
· Configurable searching
· Entirely customisable
· Classified ads
· Community interaction
· Import data from CSV files


· Unlimited data control
· Different display modes
· Powerful structure
· Configurable searching
· Entirely customisable
· Classified ads
· Community interaction
· Import data from CSV files


· Create an encyclopaedic database for your website
· Create a tree-structure, or use traditional cross-linking
· Track changes
· Great rich media support
· Allow users to jump in at random pages
· Make your pages either wiki-style or topic-style
· Display a tree structure of your whole CEDI (normal wiki's can't do that!)


· Behaves like you'd expect
· Advanced “recurring event” settings
· Event reminders
· Detect conflicting events
· Microformats support
· Integrate a calendar month view, or an upcoming events view, onto your design
· Different event types
· Sophisticated permissions
· Priority flagging
· Programmers can even use the calendar to schedule website cronjobs
· RSS and Atom support

News and blogging:

· Member blogs
· RSS and Atom support
· Trackback support
· Scheduled publishing
· Ping support and RSS Cloud support
· Multiple news categories, and filtering
· Chicklet support
· Multiple ways to integrate news into your website
· Import from RSS feeds
· Easily syndicate to Facebook and Twitter

Page support:

· Add unlimited pages
· WYSIWYG editor
· Convenient edit links
· PHP support


· Run a competition
· Surveys
· Tests
· Cheat prevention

Downloads database:

· Great organisation
· ‘Sell’ downloads using website points
· Anti-leech protection
· Community-centered
· Many ways to add new filesUpload files. Link-to existing files. Copy existing files using a live URL. Batch import links from existing file stores.
· Author support
· Licences
· Images
· Basic file versioning support


· Supports images, videos, and audio
· Personal galleries
· Import and export easily. With .zip and metadata support.
· Optional watermarking. Discourages other websites from stealing your content.
· Auto-detection of video length and resolution (most file formats)
· Full tree-structure support
· Two different display modes
· e-cards
· Slide-shows
· Easily syndicate to Facebook


· Have unlimited polls
· Integrate polls into your website
· Virtually cheat-proof
· Community involvement

Multi-site networks:

· Shared membership. Share members between multiple ocPortal websites.
· Syndicated site list. Allows each member site to see an up-to-date list of sites in the network.
· Staff filterChoose which members are staff on which sites.

Points system:

· So many ways to earn points. From submitting different content to how active they are, you control the economy.
· Point store. Members can buy advertising space, temporary privileges, gamble, and more! .
· Gift system. Allows members to reward each other with gift points .
· Leader board. Create some community competition, by showing a week-by-week who has the most points .
· Auditing
· Profiles

Chatrooms and instant messaging:

· Unlimited chatrooms. Each with your choice of access restrictions.
· Moderation. Moderate messages and ban troublesome users.
· Integrate shout-boxes into your website
· Instant messaging. Members may have IM conversations with each other, or in groups.
· Site-wide IM. Give your members the ability to pick up conversations anywhere on your site.
· Sound effects. Members may configure their own.
· Programmers can write their own chat bots
· Download chat rooms logs
· Blocking

Community features:

· User submission. Allow users to submit to any area of your site. Staff approval is supported .
· Public awards. Give public awards to your choice of “best content” .
· Per-usergroup privileges. Give special members access to extra features, like file storage .
· Bookmarks

Design and themeing tools:

· Theme Wizard: pick a colour, let ocP do the workRecolour all your CSS and images in just a few clicks (ocPortal picks the perfect complementary palette and automatically makes 100's of CSS and image changes) .
· Built-in template and CSS editing tools
· Quick-start logo wizard

Design without barriers:

· Full control of your vision. Control hundreds of settings. Strip ocPortal down. Reshape features as needed.
· Full templating support. Reskin features so things look however you want them to.
· No navigation assumptions. Replace default page and structures as required.
· No layout assumptionsShift content between templates, totally breaking down any default layout assumptions.
· Embed content entries of any type on your pages

Administration Zone:

· Status overview
· Backups
· Analytics
· Conflict detection
· Examine audit trails
· OcCLE. Optional use of a powerful command-line environment (for Unix geeks). Use unix-like tools to explore and manage your database as it if was a filesystem, and perform general maintenance tasks.
· Configurable access. Restrict to no/partial/full access based on usergroup.
· Configure a staff roster, for an automatically created staff page
· Detect broken URLs
· Content versioning

Rich media and presentation support:

· Comcode. Powerful but simple content-enrichment language.
· Media embedding. Easily integrate/attach flash applets, flash video, and other common video formats, such as Quicktime or MPEG.
· Easily create cool effects. Create scrolling, rolling, randomisation, and hiding effects. Put content in boxes, split content across subpages. Create XHTML overlays. Place tooltips.
· Customise your content for different usergroups
· Create count-downs and hit counters
· Automatic table of contents creation for your documents
· Custom Comcode tagsSet up your own tags, to make it easy to maintain a sophisticated and consistent design as your site grows .
· Include pages within other pages
· Upload media files in bulk

RAD and testing tools:

· Switch users. Masquerade as any user using your admin logging .
· Change theme images inline with just a few clicks
· Easily find and edit the templates used to construct any screen
· Error monitoringGet informed by e-mail if errors ever happen on your site.
· Make changes to content titles inline
· Easy text changes. Easily change the language strings used to build up any screen.
· Easily diagnose permission configuration problemsLog permission checks, or interactively display them in Firefox.
· Developers tool to add and manage test sets

Template programming language (Tempcode):

· Perform computations. Run loops, manipulate logic, numbers, and text.
· Handy effects. Easily create design effects like “Zebra striping” and tooltips – and much more.
· Branching and filtering. Tailor output according to permissions and usergroups, as well as user options such as language selection.
· Include other templates, blocks, or pages, within a template
· Create and use standard boxes. Avoid having to copy and paste complex segments of XHTML.
· Easy web browser sniffingPresent different markup to different web browsers, detect whether Javascrip
is enabled, detect bots, and detect PDAs/Smartphones.
· Randomisation features
· Pull up member details with easeFor example, show the current users avatar or point count.
· Easily pull different banner rotations into your templates


· Highly optimised code
· Multiple levels of caching
· Sophisticated template compiler

Web standards:

· Support for all major web browsers
· True and correct XHTML markup
· WCAG, ATAGMeeting of accessibility guidelines in full.
· Tableless CSS markup, with no hacks
· Inbuilt tools for checking validity of XHTML, CSS, and Javascript
· Extra markup semantics, including Dublin Core support and microformats
· Standards-based (modern DOM and AJAX, no DOM-0 or innerHTML) Javascript
· Automatic cleanup of bad XHTML

Localisation support:

· Translate ocPortal into your own language
· Translate content into multiple languages
· Custom time and date formatting
· Unicode support
· Language packs
· Timezone support
· Host multiple languages on your website at the same time
· Support for different character sets
· Serve different theme images for different languages
· Support for right-to-left languages

Search engine optimization:

· Support for short URLs
· Automatic site-map generation
· META data. Support for meta keywords and descriptions for each content entry. Automatic summarization of entries to create meta data.
· XML Sitemaps
· Keyword density analysis for your content
· Correct use of HTTP status codes
· Correct use of page titles
· SEO via semantic and accessible markup (e.g. ‘alt tags”)


· Configurable swear filtering
· IP address tools
· CAPTCHA, to stop spammers
· Track failed logins
· Automatic detection and banning of hackers
· Architectural approaches to combat all major exploit techniques
· Defence-in-depth. Multiple layers of built-in security.
· XSS protection
· Published e-mail addresses will be protected from spammers
· Protection from spammers trying to use your website for their own SEO
· HTML filtering
· Protection against CSRF attacks
· Root-kit detection kit for developers

Ease of use:

· Professionally designed user interfaces
· AJAX techniques. Streamlined website interaction.
· WYSIWYG editing
· TutorialsOver 100 written tutorials, and a growing collection of video tutorials.
· A consistent and fully integrated feature-set


· Use ocPortal for clients and pretend you made it.


· Detailed privilege control. Over 130 permissions.
· Control access to all your resources
· Create addition access controls based on URL
· Customise your permission error messages
· User-friendly permissions editor

Structure and navigation:

· Visually browse your site structureIntuitive site-tree editor.
· Menu editor.
· Zones (sub-sites). Organise your pages into separate zones. Zones can have different menus, themes, permissions, and content .
· Full structural controlEdit, move, and delete existing pages.
· Redirects

Integration and conversion:

· Convert from other software
· Use an existing member system
· Convert an HTML site into ocPortal pages
· LDAP support for corporate networks (OCF)
· HTTP authentication
· Proxying system
· Minimodules and miniblocks
· Export your Comcode as XML

Extendable and programmable:

· Versatile
· Full API documentation
· High coding standards. No PHP notices. Type-strict codebase. We use MVC.
· Free online developers guide book
· Custom field filters
· Stack dumps for easy debugging
· Synchronise data between staging and live sites using XML

Acitvity history:

· Find posts made since you last visited
· Remembers your unread postsEven if you frequently change computers .
· RSS and Atom support
· Recent activity

Forum essentials:

· The usual stuff. Categories, forums, topics, posts, polls .
· Forum and Topic tracking. Get alerted by e-mail when new posts are made.
· Password-protected forums
· Full moderator controlDetermine who may moderate what forums.
· Quick reply
· Announcements
· Post/topic moderation and validation
· Over 40 bundled emoticons. Also, support for batch importing new ones.
· Unlimited sub-forum depth
· Mass-moderation. Perform actions on many posts and topics at once.
· Multi-moderation
· Report posts
· Inline personal posts
· Records post edit/delete history
· Highlight posts as ‘important’
· Increased poll privacy
· Not just pinning topics, but sinking them too!
· Post templates
· Post preview

Forum integration:

· Burning Board 2.0 / 2.2/Lite
· IPB 1.1-1.3 / 2.0-2.3
· phpBB 2.0-3.0
· SMF 1.0 / 1.1
· vB 2.2 / 3.0-3.7
· WowBB 1.7

Membership essentials:

· Multiple usergroups. Members can be in an unlimited number of different usergroups. They can also ‘apply’ to join new ones .
· Social networking. Create and browse friendships.
· Custom profile fields. Allow your members to add extra information which is relevant to your website (or to their subcommunity) .
· Over 40 bundled avatarsMember's may also upload or link to their own .
· Member signatures, photos, and personal titles
· ProfilesBrowse through and search for members, and view member profiles .
· Member e-mailing. Allow your members to e-mail other members through your website .
· Users online

Forum integration:

· Support for popular products
· Share login credentials. Login with the same usernames/passwords.
· Share usergroups. Control website access based on someone's usergroup.
· Emoticon support

Content sharing:

· Show forum topics on your website. Great if you have a ‘news’ forum .
· Comment integration


· PHP 4.2 or higher
· Apache or IIS
· MySQL 4.1 or higher
· GD2 library

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